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  Mauritania   Jody MacDonald 11 post more
Journey Through the Sahara

For 700km, day and night, we slithered through the vast uninhabited Sahara desert, sleeping on top of Mauritania’s infamous iron ore train. Heading for the coast, we hoped to find a place of forgotten shipwrecks and unknown surf.

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  Mongolia    Frédéric Lagrange & Kim Frank 3 post more
In Search of Warriors

A story told by my grandfather sparked a fascination. Far to the east lies a land, wild and vast, inhabited by the legendary warriors who rescued my grandfather. Mongolia. For fifteen years, I’ve returned to this country, seeking to understand the raw beauty and tenacity that shapes those who call it home.

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  Antartica   Paul Nicklen 8 post more
Life and Stress at the Ice Edge

Emperor penguins can propel themselves out of Antartica’s icy waters in astonishing leaps that defy gravity. Following my own close encounter with the penguins’ main predator, leopard seals, I entered Antarctica’s freezing waters to observe how they can achieve this remarkable feat, escaping predation.

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  Russia    Alegra Ally & Kim Frank 3 post more
Women at the End of the Land

For centuries, the nomadic Nenets reindeer herders of the Siberian arctic have migrated across one of the most challenging environments on Earth. Today, the permafrost is melting, posing significant threat to their unique way of life. This is the intimate story of Lena, a young Nenets mother, and her journey to birth.